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A fantastic weekend away with the whole family or a large group of friends and enjoying a few days together in a group accommodation in the Achterhoek. Whatever the composition of your group, you will love spending time in the natural surroundings of the Achterhoek. One group comes for active walks and cycling trips, while another comes to chat with each other. Whatever the purpose of your stay: Group accommodation De Slinge and the het Clooster estate are beautiful places to begin. Start your day well with breakfast together. Join the group for a delicious dinner and enjoy all the extras. Did you know that during your stay at the group accommodation you can use a swimming pool? This makes it very tempting to stay in one of the group accommodations located in the Achterhoek.

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Group accommodation De Slinge

Group accommodation De Slinge is located on the periphery of our holiday park and is suitable for a maximum of 42 people. This group accommodation nestles in the middle of the natural surroundings of the Achterhoek and offers all the comfort and luxury needed for a great stay with a large group. The attractive group accommodation in Gelderland offers a range of features, including beautiful rooms, a communal room and a fully fitted kitchen.

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