Kayaking in the Achterhoek

How about a day out, discovering the river Slinge in Winterswijk by kayak? What could be nicer than paddling your kayak through the landscape of the Achterhoek during your holiday? On your own or with a friend, whiling away the hours in the fresh air of Gelderland. You set the pace; a leisurely dawdle or a mad dash to beat your friends!

At this time of year it is not possible to rent canoes.

Kayak hire 

Due to the low water level it is temporarily not possible to rent canoes.

We have a range of kayaks for hire:

  • 4 x 2-person kayak
  • 4 x 1-person kayak

We can provide more kayaks on request.

Hire costs
Hire costs per kayak, per hour:

  • 2-person kayak € 6
  • 1-person kayak € 4

Kayaking is done at your own risk. We can provide your children with a buoyancy aid.