Discover nature in the Achterhoek

The diversity of the age-old nature in the Achterhoek will immediately give you a holiday feeling. Across the region - especially around Winterswijk - you are treated in every season to vast forests, endless moors and authentic farms. Combined with the famous Achterhoek friendliness this is the perfect holiday destination for walking and cycling enthusiasts, who are looking for peace and enjoyment.

Explore the Achterhoek nature at its very best!

We are happy to share our tips with you to get the best out of the Achterhoek nature. The areas are listed below:



The Bekendelle Nature Reserve - better known by the Achterhoek inhabitants as 'Bekkendelle' - is an old riparian deciduous forest through which the Boven-Slinge meanders. It is the perfect place for bird watchers! With a little luck you can spot the kingfisher, the great yellow wagtail and the rare middle spotted woodpecker.

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RR Oude Groeve Met Bloemen

De Steengroeve

Winterswijk is also called the mosaic floor of the Netherlands, and for good reason ... Discover it for yourself with a visit to De Steengroeve, a protected nature reserve with a 240-million-year-old quarry theatre. Count the limestone layers, spot a special Eagle Owl or enjoy the view from the lookout point.

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Pagelink Skelter En Fietsvehuur

Cycling and walking routes

Grab your bike or put on your walking shoes: after all, you can explore countless routes! You will be guided along sandy paths through meadows, moors and forests. Along the way you will see vineyards and farms. Want a break? Then stop at a cosy tea garden or a café in a hamlet.

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Walk along the boardwalk at Korenburgerveen in Winterswijk, while you look out over a typical Achterhoek moorland landscape. The nature reserve resembles a swamp but is actually a peat basin where unique vegetation converges. A perfect oasis of peace, nature and freedom!

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Kano twee personen

Winterswijk National Landscape

On a stay at De Twee Bruggen you will find yourself in the middle of the national landscape of Winterswijk. The agricultural landscape rich with wooded banks, woods with babbling brooks and unique farms takes you back to the past.

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De Slingeplas


Put on your swimwear and head for the Slingeplas, within walking distance of De Twee Bruggen. This recreation area is a stone's throw from the holiday park where you can walk, relax in the sun or swim in the water.

Wooldse Veen

Wooldse Veen

At the highest point of Winterswijk you will find the Wooldse Veen nature reserve. This area forms a whole with Burlo-Vardingholter Venn in Germany and covers a total of about 150 hectares. Taste the special atmosphere of the area southeast of Winterswijk and explore the peat pits and dikes of bygone days.

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Zwillbrocker Venn


Zwillbrocker Venn is located just across the border in the German municipality of Vreden. This protected nature and wetland area is a breeding ground for numerous bird species, including a flamingo colony.

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