Museums in the Achterhoek, Gelderland

A visit to an Achterhoek museum will help you get to know the region even better. Delve into the local history while discovering old customs, view art from leading artists or listen to age-old stories that bring the history to life. Or discover the power of the Achterhoek manufacturing industry, with regional companies that have gained international fame in their niche market.

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Curious which museums are worth a visit? We have listed them for you:

Luuk Kramer 14161 36

The Mondriaan House

During his youth, Piet Mondriaan spent his time at the Zonnebrink in Winterswijk. It was here that he developed his passion for drawing and painting and created his first artwork. During a visit to The Mondriaan House you get a free audio tour.

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Brandweermuseum Borculo

Fire Brigade Museum

How were fires put out in the past? You will find the answer to this question (and much more!) at the Fire Brigade Museum in Borculo. Discover one of the Netherlands' largest collections here: from fire trucks to various pumps and clothing.

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Kasteel Huis Bergh

Huis Bergh Castle

Huis Bergh Castle in 's Heerenberg is one of the largest moated castles in the Netherlands. It was the ancestral home of the powerful lords and counts Van den Bergh - today it is a place where historical stories are brought to life.

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Museum MORE

Museum MORE

At Ruurlo Castle - one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands, around which you can also walk - you will find Museum MORE. You will find the life's work of the Dutch master of neorealism Carel Willink here. The collection includes 20th-century and contemporary art belonging to national heritage.

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Nationaal Onderduikmuseum Aalten

National Hideout Museum

The National Hideout Museum in Aalten tells the story of the life of a community during World War II. You will discover how civilians got through the days during the occupation years and how people in hiding were housed.

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Erve Kots

Erve Kots Open Air museum in Lievelde

As soon as you approach Erve Kots in Lievelde, you will see the old Saxon inn looming. The open-air museum lets you experience what it was like to live as a farmer in the Achterhoek. During the tour, listen to the stories and visit a windmill and a sawmill.

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Museum Bocholt

Bocholt Textile Museum

In Bocholt, just across the border in Germany, more than 20,000 reels once operated in the Herding spinning mill. Today it is an impressive building - with no less than 4 floors - where the textile industry of the past comes back to life.

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