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Groupaccommodation De Slinge

Are you looking for group accommodation in the east of Gelderland? De Slinge in the Achterhoek offers luxury group accommodation in a beautiful setting. The accommodation provides 16 comfortable double (hotel) rooms (one of which is suitable for a less-able guest) with their own bathrooms with a sink, shower and separate toilet. As well as the double room, there are three rooms that share a bathroom, two of which are suitable for 4 persons and one of which is suitable for 2 persons. A terrace with garden furniture can be accessed via patio doors from every room. The accommodation also offers a welcoming communal area that is suitable for groups of up to 42.

Group accommodation for up to 42 persons

  • 16 double (hotel) rooms with bathroom
  • 3 rooms (for up to 10 persons) which share a bathroom
  • Communal area
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Spacious terrace
  • Playground near accommodation
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The accommodation offers families and business groups (up to 42 persons) a large area to relax and enjoy the park facilities.

Would you like to book our group accommodation, situated in the stunning region of east Gelderland in Winterswijk, for your family or business outing? Then contact us.

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