Maze in Ruurlo

Will you end up at the observation tower, in the middle of the Maze in Ruurlo? Take the challenge and turn it into a competition: see who is first to beat the maze! You can also participate in an exciting fox hunt, treasure hunt or ghost tour.

The Ruurlo Maze is the largest maze in the Netherlands in terms of surface area and is now several hundred years old. Around 1700, the maze was designed by Daniƫl Marot, a French ornament engraver, master builder and landscape gardener, who also designed Het Loo Palace. It was quite a job as the site occupies a whopping 8,740 square metres.

The length of the paths is 1,188 metres and - with a width of 5 metres - is quite unique. Both sides of the paths have grassy slopes, which means that the hedges are raised. So you really cannot see where you are walking.

Have you finished walking through the maze? Then you can still wander along the Gnome Path (with the little ones) in the nearby area or visit the Climbing Forest.

Opening hours and address

The Maze is open daily from April to October from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. From De Twee Bruggen it is only a 30-minute drive.
For current opening hours and more information, please visit

Maze Ruurlo
Hengeloseweg 2
7261 LV Ruurlo

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