Winterswijk Stone quarry

The structure of the ground around Winterswijk is exceptionally varied and, from a geological point of view, considered to be the richest in the Netherlands. Winterswijk is referred to as the mosaic floor of the Netherlands. In the area of Ratum in this National Landscape, you will find a stunning stone quarry. Here, you can see limestone layers that date back 240 million years at the surface! The area has also given up several evolutionary 'missing links'.

Unique natural environment around the Stone quarry

The remarkable eagle owl is just one of the unique residents of the protected nature reserve. At the moment, you cannot enter the stone quarry due to a visitor safety study taking place but, during the building-break in the summer, there will be an exception. You can then access the fantastic Steengroeve theatre at which volunteers provide four more-than professional musical performances. The stone quarry can also be seen from the viewpoint on the Steengroeveweg and there are also a range of walking and cycling routes around the area itself.