Korenburgerveen in Winterswijk

Walk along the boardwalk at Korenburgerveen in Winterswijk, while you look out over a typical Achterhoek peat landscape. The nature reserve resembles a swamp but is actually a peat basin where unique vegetation converges. A perfect oasis of peace, nature and freedom!

Just 20 minutes by bike from De Twee Bruggen you will find yourself in the middle of the fragile Korenburgerveen. The nature reserve is located northwest of Winterswijk and is an upland peat bog area that is home to special birds, mammals and reptiles.

This area was formed after the last ice age and once extended over a large part of the Achterhoek and the neighbouring area in Germany. Due to the development into agricultural land in the 20th century and the threat of drying up, little remained of the nature reserve. In 1918, Natuurmonumenten bought the area and the surrounding moors to improve water management and to enable the upland peat bog area to recover and function again.

How do you get to Korenburgerveen? Start a beautiful walking route!

As a hiking enthusiast you are in the perfect place: walk through deserted meadows, wild blue grasslands and rugged gullies. You will also see heather, fields with wool grass, peat moss and peat fluff.

The walking route is about 4.5 kilometres long and starts in the car park at Arrasveldweg in Winterswijk. The route is marked with red arrows and runs counter clockwise. It is a narrow path that runs partly over boards and along breeding sites of rare birds. Therefore you are not permitted to bring dogs - even if they are on a lead!

Don't forget to put on your boots!

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