National Landscape Winterswijk

During your stay at our holiday park you won't be bored for a single moment. The beautiful environment around our park in the Achterhoek offers so much to do and see. A National Landscape is an area in the Netherlands with a unique combination of agricultural land, natural countryside and cultural history. In the twenty national landscapes in the Netherlands, nature and old cultural elements are preserved but space is also provided for housing, agriculture and industry. One of these national landscapes in Winterswijk.

National Landscape

This is an area covering around 22,000 hectares, located in the Gelders Achterhoek, surrounded by Aalten, Groenlo, Lichtenvoorde and the German border. In the centre of it all, lies Winterswijk. The small-scale agricultural landscape, wooded banks, woodland, pretty farmhouses, brooks, nature reserves and high fields set the scene in this stunning area. The region is rich in many species of wild plants and animals. Dive into the past in the Achterhoek; the National Landscape of Winterswijk has a great deal to offer. A particular highlight is the enormous, open stone quarry at Ratum, which offers a window into geological history

The National Landscape

Winterswijk is home to a range of historic buildings such as farmhouses, watermills, convents and chapels. The stunning landscape provides the perfect backdrop for a variety of activities including cycling, walking and horse riding. But the welcoming centre of Winterswijk, with its lovely parks, is also an integral part of the National Landscape.