Wooldse Veen in Winterswijk

At the highest point of Winterswijk you will find the Wooldse Veen nature reserve. This area forms a whole with Burlo-Vardingholter Venn in Germany and covers a total of about 150 hectares. Taste the special atmosphere of the area southeast of Winterswijk and explore the peat pits and dikes of bygone days.

The Wooldse Veen is characterised by wet and dry areas, as a result of which special plants grow and animals live there. Think of new high moorland with sundew, purple heather in the peat pits and insects such as the black darter, the northern emerald dragonfly and butterflies such as the 'green hairstreak'.

In the Wooldse Veen, the peat used to be dried for use as fuel. The area is still recovering. In addition, many plants and animals are struggling; besides the soil being too dry, the air is too acidic and the habitat too small. For this reason, Wooldse Veen has been designated as a Natura 2000 area.

How do you get to Wooldse Veen?

As a visitor you can still enjoy this unique area. A boardwalk has been built and you can follow the 'Commiezenpad', otherwise known as the old smuggler's route. The latter was formerly a route taken by customs officers or border guards, with no fewer than 186 old boundary stones along the way.

Navigate to Kuipersweg 17 or 19 in Winterswijk to find the starting point of the 3-kilometre-long boardwalk.

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