Zwillbrocker Venn with the Flamingo route

Zwillbrocker Venn is located just across the border in the German municipality of Vreden. This protected nature and wetland area is a breeding ground for numerous bird species, including a flamingo colony. During your visit to the Zwillbrock you can admire the colony at an appropriate distance.

As soon as you pass the border and approach the municipality of Vreden, you will already see Sankt Franziskus looming. This parish church forms the central point of the village of Zwillbrock and is also the starting point of your 6-kilometre walking route through the moorland.

Zwillbrocker Venn starts where the asphalt stops. You can explore the area on foot or by bike. The path curves to the left, after which you approach a big lake. A large black-headed gull colony of about 15,000 birds lives here. As you walk around the lake, you will find shelters. From one of these shelters, you have a beautiful view of the flamingo colony.

Spot flamingos while walking

Zwillbrocker Venn is the most northerly breeding ground for the flamingo colony. It is home to around 40 flamingos, which can be admired from the beginning of March to the end of May. After May, the birds migrate to warmer climes. Due to this colony, the entire area is under Bird Protection.

How do you get to the Zwillbrocker Venn?

From De Twee Bruggen it is a 25-minute drive to the moorland. Would you rather cycle? Then you will be on the road for about 50 minutes.

Zwillbrocker Venn
Rundwanderweg am Zwillbrocker
48691 Vreden (Germany)

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