Kart and bike hire

Karting on the campsite or cycling around the local area. Karting is a fun and safe way for kids to get around the site. There is very little traffic on site so get on your karts! The braver ones amongst us may want to hire a so-called balance bike. Steer it with your legs... now there's a challenge. The karts and balance bikes can be hired by the hour.


Rates for the rental of bicycles

At De Twee Bruggen you can choose from various types of bicycles. Below you will find an overview of all possibilities with corresponding rates per day (part).


    1 hour 1 day     1 week
Children's bike    - € 8,50     € 51,00
Adult bike    - € 12,50     € 75,00
Electric bicycle   - € 27,50     € 165,00
Mountainbike   - € 25,00     -
Parent-child tandem   - € 25,00     -
Adult tandem   - € 25,00     -
Child seat   - € 3,00     € 18,00
Go-kart   € 2,50 -     -


Availability of our bikes

There are usually plenty of bicycles available, however it is not possible to rent bicycles in advance.

You can pick up your bicycle(s) at our reception on the day you want to cycle. 

Cycling routes through the Achterhoek

Winterswijk is known for its National Landscape designation with various nature reserves, gardens and vineyards. Take a trip along all the windmills, combine cycling with walking or visit the centre of Winterswijk where you can sit down on a terrace.

Below we highlight two very special areas.

The routes of these cycling tours, among others, are available at our reception.

Tips from Hendrik-Jan!


Less than 5 kilometres from De Twee Bruggen you will find the natural landscape of Korenburgerveen, a vast swamp area with raised bog, swamp forest and heathland. Numerous special plants bloom here and birds live there that you will not often see elsewhere. After about 4.5 kilometres by bike you can continue on foot and enjoy the wide surroundings.

Zwillbrocker Venn

Just across the German border you will find yourself in a green oasis and an enormous pond where a colony of flamingos is housed: Zwillbrocker Venn. You follow a winding path - on foot or by bike - and can stop at various vantage points to spot birds and flamingos. Close to the nature reserve there is also an old baroque church, which is definitely worth a visit!